24 June 2021by Kylie Jefferson

Are you ready for the next leadership step?

Webinar moderating in Singapore on the 24th June 2021 which the discussion was around how to become .....

15 June 2022by Kylie Jefferson

ITIC APAC Review: Mental health post Covid-19

ITIJ are reporting on all the discussions taking place at ITIC APAC 2022 in Singapore. Read more of .....

13 July 2022by Kylie Jefferson

University of Liverpool Advisory Board Members gathering in 2019

To promote my alma mater in Asia as one of the board members in the International Student Alumni com.....

2 January 2023by Kylie Jefferson

Officially a member at Asia Professional Speakers Singapore in 2023

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore is part of the Global Speakers Federation....

4 September 2023by Kylie Jefferson

Appointed as a member for the Philippines Chamber of Commerce Singapore on the 4th September 2023

To promote bilateral business activities between Singapore and the Philippines and it was very honou.....